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Conventional Tray

Zehua can also design and supply for conventional trays, such as:

Conventional S-1 Valve Tray

Valve trays are essentially flat perforated trays with movable or fixed valve unit. Floating valves are disk-shaped type devices which are contain legs formed out of the valve disk. Fixed valves are units with integral legs formed out of the tray deck.

Bubble Cap Tray

Standard round cap: 80/100/150;

Rectangular cap type;

Bubble cap trays consist of a flat perforated deck in which the holes are enclosed with vapor chimney risers and caps in the form of inverted cups mounted on top of the risers. This gives the bubble cap tray the advantage to operate at extremely low liquid and vapor rates.

Sieve Tray

Sieve trays are flat perforated plates in which vapor is forced through the holes into the cross flowing liquid. Vapor flow prevents liquid weeping from leaking through the holes.

Dualflow Tray

Dualflow tray is a kind of sieve tray without downcomers such that the entire tray active area is perforated with holes. Hole sizes range from 10 to 25mm in diameter.


Shower deck tray

Baffle tray

Cartridge tray (for small diameter flanged columns)

Other trays as client request

Material available: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy 600, Titanium, Monel, Hastalloy, Zirconium and etc. Or as client's requirements.

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