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In any process where gas and liquid come into contact, the gas will entrain some liquid. This entrainment is generated by three basic mechanisms: mechanical action, condensation and chemical reaction.
Benefits of using a demister:

- To reduce loss of valuable chemicals
- To increase throughput capacity
- To improve product purity
- To eliminate contamination
- To provide equipment protection
- To prevent air pollution

Wire Mesh Demister

This kind of mist eliminator is an assembly of knitted mesh framed by high open area grid. When a vapor stream carrying entrained liquid droplets passes through wire-mesh demister, the vapor moves freely through the pad, but the inertia of the droplets causes them to contact the wire surfaces, coalesce, and ultimately drain as large droplets. Wire mesh demister should be washed regularly if serves in the environment containing solid contaminations.

• Efficiency: 99% on 3 microns and larger
• Pressure drop: 25 mm H2O
• Operating flexibility: 30 - 110%
• Diameter: 300 - 5200 mm
• Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Monel, PP, PTFE

Vane Demister

Vane Type Demister is a high capacity inertial separator constructed as banks of parallel, chevron profiles which cause the gas to change direction several times from inlet to outlet. Momentum forces entrained liquid droplets to impinge on the vane surfaces where they form a liquid film and drain.

• Efficiency: 100% on 30 microns and larger
• Pressure drop: 12.5 mm H2O
• Ideal for applications where solids or viscous, sticky liquids rapidly plug a wire mesh type mist eliminator.
• Useable in either vertical (upward) or horizontal flow designs.
• Handle high liquid loads

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