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The efficiency of the packed bed column is very strongly dependent on the initial and intermediate distribution of the liquid phase over the column cross section. That is why the choosing, correct calculation, and installation of these devices are especially important for the effective operation of the column as a whole. Over the years, Zehua has acquired the know-how necessary to design efficient liquid distributors, and has developed a series to suit different operating conditions.

Trough Distributor (TTD   Patent No. 98207197.3)

This type of distributor is generally used in towers with high liquid rates or fouling service. Turndown characteristics are very good (at least 4:1) because of the V-shape slot design.

Liquid is introduced into the parting box, which properly distributes the liquid into the laterals. Generally, one parting box is required for towers up to 2500mm in diameter. Multiple parting boxes are used for larger diameters or high liquid rates. Parting boxes and troughs are bolted to one another.

• Uniform liquid distribution, point-to-point deviation below 5%

• Town down ratio: at least 4:1

• Anti-block design

• Low gas flow resistance & less liquid entrainment, due to large free cross section area

• Easy installation and maintenance

Trough Distributor (TTD-2)

TTD-2 serves both as liquid collector and distributor. Chimneys with covers ensure the passage of the rising vapor and the collection of the liquid. The beneath packings are fed with the liquid through holes or drain tubes in base plate.

• Diameter: 300-1800mm

• Turndown ratio: 5:1

• Combined function: liquid collector and distributor

• Sensitivity to contamination: slight

• Easy installation and maintenance

Pipe Distributor (PTD)

Pipe Distributor PTD is used where the liquid feed is under pressure, and can be very helpful when the tower height available for the distributor is limited. The pipe distributors consist of a centrally arranged main pipe with secondary pipes laterally arranged at right angle. The liquid is fed into the main pipe. Each of the lateral pipes is exactly adjusted to enable uniform distribution between the pipes.

• Turndown ratio: about 4:1

• Large free cross section area & negligible vapor pressure drop
• Only in clean services, otherwise, a liquid filter is recommended on the inlet of main pipe

Orifice Pan Distributor

Orifice pan distributor consists of a pan equipped with circular or rectangular riser for vapor flow and perforations in the pan floor for liquid flow. The pan may rest on a support ring. Alternatively, it may be supported on lugs in the manner that provides a ring-shaped space for vapor rise between the outer perimeter of the pan and the inner wall of the column. This type of distributor is proposed for column diameters between 150 and 1200 mm.

Weir-riser Pan Distributor

Weir-riser Pan Distributor consists of a pan equipped with cylindrical riser with a V-notch cut or a rectangular slit in each riser. The V-notch cut or rectangular slit allow liquid to descend countercurrent to the rising vapor. A ring shaped gas entry cross-section is provided between the inner wall of the column and the outer perimeter of the pan. The advantage of this construction is that it is less sensitive to fouling and ganging of the liquid flow.

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