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HiTEC® 1278

Detergent / Inhibitor


HiTEC 1278 detergent/inhibitor is designed for use in formulating cost-effective lubricants meeting API CD primarily using Group II base oils.

Recommended Dosage

HiTEC 1278 detergent/inhibitor is generally used at 6.5% weight for highly cross-graded multigrade lubricants, using a non-dispersant VI improver. Used at this dosage, HiTEC 1278 detergent/inhibitor will provide a finished oil TBN of 10. Please contact your Ethyl representative for specific recommendations.


  • Advanced technology for API CD performance

  • Provides minimum of 10 TBN as required in many world areas

Typical Characteristics

  Appearance ASTM D92Dark brown viscous liquid
  Calcium, % wt. 5.80
  Nitrogen, % wt. 0.41
  Phosphorus, % wt. 0.69
  Zinc, % wt. 0.78
  TBN, mg KOH/g 160
  Specific Gravity @ 15.6/15.6 1.029
  Viscosity @ 100, cSt 75
  Flash Point, PMCC, (min.) 135

Shipping Information


Tank cars, tank trucks, and non-returnable black steel drums.

Storage, Handling & Toxicity

For specific safety, handling and toxicity information, please refer to the current Material Safety Data Sheet or call 1-800-325-7079.

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