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Hydraulic Calculation and Diagnose of Equipment

The guidance on performance evaluating and trouble shooting is hydraulic calculation for mass and heat transfer equipment, especially for distillation tower and heat exchanger. Zehua's technique is applied for varies tray, packing and internals hydraulic calculation and design, together with rating to heat exchanger.


Independent hydraulic calculation software of Zehua is developed from pilot experiment result, combined with rich experience in industries. Every year, Zehua will provide extensive hydraulic calculation for hundreds of units. And as a member of FRI (Fractionation Research, Inc.), Zehua could access to FRI¨s extensive resources and software ensuring better technical service for clients.



Fluid Flow Simulation of Vapor Distributor


Fluid Flow Simulation of Inlet Location


Fluid Flow Simulation of Tray Floor



Tray Design and Hydraulic Check Liquid Distributor Design and Hydraulic Check


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