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Accurate Process Simulation

ProII and Aspen Plus process simulation tools are used for a wide range of processes. Combining dependable model and extensive prediction methods, with appropriate thermodynamic data resources from large chemical component libraries, our senior engineer can perform accurate and reliable simulation calculations for most process fitting to actual process condition and operation, which is the basis for the further analysis and design.

The appropriate thermodynamic data is usually gained from commercial libraries. Besides, depending on the basic research of Tsinghua University, Zehua could have plenty of experimental data, which powerfully supports our simulation.

Refinery Crude &Vacuum Unit Refinery FCC Unit
Propylene Oxide Purification Butadiene Unit
C5 Splitter Plant MDEA De-S & C Unit
Methanol Plant Solvent Recovery Plant
Acetic Acid Dehydration Unit (PTA Plant) Acetic Acid Plant
C3 Fractionation Plant Aromatics Extraction Plant
Rectisol Unit Ethyl Acetate Plant
Polysilicon Material Plant
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