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Zehua's Credit Was Rated as AAzc

The Beijing zhongguancun Enterprises credit Promotion Association at the zhongguancun Science and Technology Park (Z-Part) organized an annual Business credit rating program. As part of that program, on Aug.1st, 2009, Zehua companys credit rating was evaluated as AAzc, the second-highest level. Such evaluations are indicated in the credit report:
- Having rich experiences in engineering projects with stable customer community;
- products and technologies possess advanced characteristics and strong competitiveness in the industry;
- having modern corporate system; persistent and rapid development in business, having good profiting capability, and stable financial structure;
- having good social reputation;
- possessing very strong payment capability for short-term and long-term debt;
- the business is in positive cycle, with very little influence of uncertain factors to the business and development.

Information: In accordance with international common practices, grades of the credit rating report of the corporations in Z-Park shall be divided into three grades and nine levels, including AAAZC, AAZC, AZC, BBBZC, BBZC, BZC, CCCZC, CCZC, CZC. Each credit level (except Level AAA) can be fine adjusted with + and -, which indicate higher or lower than the level.

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