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Gained the Bid of 10Mt/A Crude Unit of Changling Petrochemical Corp.

In the May of 2009, Zehua gained the bid of ten million tons of crude unit from Sinopec Changling Petrochemical Corp..
The refinery integration project of 10Mt/a in Yueyang, which is the largest refinery integration project in central-China, will complete and put into operation in June 2011. After that, it will produce 7.06mt of gasoline, k
erosene, and diesel per year.

Atmospheric and vacuum distillation units are the lead of refinery industry, and Zehua boasts the designing of refinery column internals and large-size trayed columns. Compared with small-size columns, the structure of large-size columns is more complicated and more difficult for both fabrication and installation. Zehua had extensive experiences in designing large-size columns. Up to now, Zehua has successfully designed and installed 57 columns larger than 5.0m dia., and the max dia is 10.2m. Based on accumulated experience and strict management system, we are confident that the project would be executed successfully.



Ground-breaking Ceremony of Petrochemical Integration Project in Yueyang



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