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EDV Cut-open High-performance Valve Tray

Over 10% increase in separation efficiency, 40% or more improvement in capacity, and considerable rise in operating flexibility compared with F1 valve tray. Suitable for high liquid flowrate, atmosphere & high pressure operation.


Net Cap Tray

10% increase in separation efficiency, 30-40% improvement in capacity. Applicable to operation at high gas velocity.


Multi-saddle-ring Random Packing

30% increase in separation efficiency, 5-10% rise in capacity, and 40-50% decrease in material consumption, compared with Intalox Saddle of the same specification.


Streamlined Feed Distributor

Its ununiformity reduced to 1/3, and entrainment reduced to 1/6, compared with conventional gas distributor. Applicable to gas feeding of good-sized packed tower.


High-performance Slot Liquid Distributor

Uniform distribution of liquid, high operating flexibility, great resistance to plugging, easy to install and level.


Quick Installation Valve

Elastic barb at the foot of the valve, quick & convenient installation


Slot-veins Corrugated Structured Packing

Up to 10-15% higher separation efficiency, and 10% higher throughput, compared with conventional structured packings.


A Tray with Bubbling Promoter

The combination of valve with bubbling promoter improves bubbling uniformity, separation efficiency, & operating flexibility, and also reduces liquid leakage.


A Tray with Antirotating Round Hole

A novel way to prevent the rotation of valves. Preferable to putting into effect with other correlative technology.


Inclined Jet Valve tray

Valve trays combined with inclined hole trays perfectly.


Inlay-hinged Tray

A novel connecting structure for tower plates, leading to 25% increase in valve quantity, and eliminating the blind zone in the connecting area. Capacity and separation efficiency both improved.


A tray with Linking Area Installing Valve

High separation efficiency & capacity, great resistance to plugging.


Micro-dispersion Fixed Valve Tray

Strengthening liquid-gas interfacial mass transfer above the top of valves, and reducing entrainment; gas flow pushing the liquid forward so as to attenuate the liquid and eliminate the liquid hold-up zone due to directed openings; accordingly the fluid flux and separation efficiency improved.


A three-directed valve tray

Gas flow pushing the liquid forward to the downcomer, and meanwhile to the left & right sides around valves, so as to eliminate the liquid hold-up zone; up to 40% higher throughput & higher 20% separation efficiency.


Valve-tongue hole complex tray

Higher porosity and liquid being pushed to left & right sides due to tongue holes in valve trays, to increase liquid residence time and eliminate liquid hold-up zone. Accordingly capacity & efficiency being greatly improved.


Novel Floating-Valve Tray

A new design to the conventional floating-valve tray. Increased the mass transfer area, so that to increase the tray efficiency and production capaciy.


Spin Valve

A new design to have the air current between adjacent valves revolved, so that to decrease the hedging of adjacent valves. Furthermore, this designe simplized the structure of the tray and easier for fabrication.


No-leg Valve

Simplize the structure, save the cost and improve the performance.


Multi-Saddle Random Packing

Excellent mass-transfer performance, lower resistance, higher production capability, greater mechanical strength, and easier for fabrication. Specially, greatly improve the production capability and mass-transfer performance for rectifying, absorption, scrubbing and and extracting towers.


Method and Equipment of Acetic Acid through Low-pressure Methanol Carbonylation

Existing flash tank and light ends column are combined in one multi-functional tower to simplify acetic acid process


Multi-function Tower for Acetic Acid through Carbonylation

Steamlined feed distributor of multi-function tower which combining the function of flash tank and light ends column
of existing acetic acid process to reduce equipment and operation cost, together with catalyzer expense effectively.


Steamlined Feed Distribution for Carbonylation of Acetic acid or Acetic Anhydride

Steamlined V-L feed distributor is used in multi-function tower to intensify two phase seperation for better vapour
distribution and less entrainment which result in less expense of catalyzer.


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